Friday, November 19, 2010

Karen Morris aka Karyne Morris - Las Vegas, NV

Killer - Karen B Morris aka Karyne Morris

Current or Previous Address? - 1740 Baja Ln, Henderson, NV 89012

Future Address - HELL

Current or Previous Employment? - Real Estate

Approximate Age (as of November 2010) - 42

Crime Committed - March 2001

Charges - 3 counts of Felony Reckless Driving

Sentence - 26 weekends in jail, and 5 years probation.

Killer's Victims - Leona Greif (Age 61) and Marcia Nathans (Age 65)

Details - A Henderson woman who pleaded guilty to talking on a cell phone and causing a collision that killed two people will spend a month in jail after she violated her probation by working out at a gym.

District Judge Nancy Saitta on Tuesday sentenced Karen Morris to 30 days in the Clark County Detention Center for violating her house arrest by exercising at a Henderson 24 Hour Fitness Center.

Morris, a local Realtor, said she misunderstood the terms of her probation. But Saitta said Morris believes she is above the law.

"There is a consistent and disturbing pattern that so long as Ms Morris misunderstands the conditions of her freedom, that will be enough," she said.

Saitta could have reinstated Morris' suspended prison sentence of 4 to 12 years. Morris was placed on 5 years probation and ordered to spend 26 weekends in jail after pleading guilty to three counts of felony reckless driving in the March 2001 collision that killed Leona Greif, 61, and Marcia Nathans, 65.

A third passenger was critically injured in the crash. Authorities claim Morris was talking on her cell phone and speeding when the accident occurred.

But the trips to the gym were the latest in several incidents in which Morris claimed to have misunderstood the terms of her probation, Prosecutor Gary Booker said.

Morris was placed in house arrest after taking an unauthorized trip to Utah in March, he said. Morris said she thought she was allowed to take the trip.

"She has proven that she is going to do what she is going to do," Booker said. "The rules don't apply to her."

Morris had signed a contract with the Department of Parole and Probation that spelled out the terms of her probation.

According to the contract, Morris was only to leave her house to go to work, attend weekly religious services or shop for her basic needs.

"Frankly, I don't think it could be any clearer," Saitta said. Morris was supposed to track her daily activities in a log, but trips to the gym were not listed.

The gym's management later confirmed that Morris had visited the gym 13 times in the previous month.

Police say Karen Morris was traveling at 64 mph in a 45 mph zone while talking on her cell phone. They say she ran a red light, then smashed into another car killing two people. Morris and her 7 year old daughter were treated for minor injuries.

Witnesses told police Morris was talking on her cellular telephone as she crashed and as she swerved around a line of cars at a previous crossroads and ran that red light, Clark County Deputy District Attorney Mary Brown told The Associated Press.

Karen "Karyne" Morris is among America's Most Rotten because we believe she is a rotten uncaring person. She was speeding through red lights while talking on her cell phone, and with her 7 year old daughter in the car. Two innocent people lost their lives because of her reckless driving. Karen also violated her probation and falsified her daily activities log. We believe she changed the spelling of her first name from Karen to Karyne to prevent potential clients from seeing stories about her online. Guess she doesn't want clients to see what type of person she really is. Why would you do business with a woman like this? We believe Karen Morris is a cold hearted rotten person who has no conscience.

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