Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thomas James Kramer - Lopez Island, WA

Killer - Thomas James Kramer aka Tommy Kramer

Currently a Junior at Lopez Island High School?

Current or Previous Address? - 6382 Fisherman Bay Rd, Lopez Island, WA 98261

Future Address - HELL

Approximate Age (as of April 2011) - 18

Crime Committed - July 2009

Charges - Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault

Sentence - 15 to 36 weeks in a Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration facility

Killer's Victims - Paul Jaholkowsky (Age 26) Killed - Seriously injured a 7 year old girl

Details - On Sunday, July 26, 2009, Tommy Kramer met with his friend. At Tommy's suggestion, they took his car to visit a friend. Although his friend offered to drive, Tommy insisted that he drive his car.

After they arrived at the (other) friend's house, Tommy refused to take seriously his friends' entreaties that he not drive his car without a driver's license.

After they left the friend's house, Tommy drove his car from School Road towards Lopez Sound Road, passing a jogger coming from Lopez Sound Road. When they came to Lopez Sound Road, Tommy stopped his car and looked down the road.

Lopez Sound Road is a narrow two-lane road with no shoulders, no center or fog lines, and a posted 35 mph speed limit. At first, the road gradually drops in elevation, then suddenly drops away, making it impossible for people along the road to see traffic coming in either direction.

There are numerous driveways along the road. The road is advertised as a bike route on internet web sites and the Tour de Lopez, a yearly bicycling event, includes Lopez Sound Road. It was the middle of the vacation season and many tourists and visitors were on the island.

Michele and John Clouse and their two daughters were among the island's visitors. Michele and John are very experienced bicyclists and had participated in several fund raising bicycling events for Children's Hospital that included Lopez Sound Road.

Each parent's bike had a trail-a-long attached for a child. Their seven year old daughter's trail-a-long was attached to her father's bike, and the five year old daughter's trail-a-long was attached to the mother's bike. They had proper clothing, helmets, gloves, and a flag to warn motorists of their presence. They were southbound on their bicycles when the incident occurred.

Twenty six year old Paul Jaholkowsky had come from Abbotsford with friends from his church, where he was a leader and mentor for children and young adults.

After attending church, Paul decided to go for a jog down Lopez Sound Road. He was also southbound and had just passed by the Clouse family when the incident occurred.

Tommy Kramer decided to see how fast his car could go with the modifications he had made. Without sharing his intentions with his friend, Tommy suddenly hit the gas pedal and rapidly accelerated, his friend screamed and pleaded with Tommy to slow down and frantically, and unsuccessfully, tried to find a seat belt to protect himself.

Tommy ignored Alex's cries and continued to accelerate, watching as his speedometer pegged at over 120 mph.

John and Michele Clouse heard Tommy's car approaching, knew from the sound of the engine that it was traveling very fast, but could not see it. They steered their bicycles as close to the edge of the road as they could. They had no place to go, they were hemmed in by a ditch and the embankment.

When they finally could see the car, it appeared to be floating above the roadway with its rear end fishtailing with increasing amplitude.

Tommy saw the flag on John Clouse's bicycle, panicked, slammed on the brakes and started losing control. The car moved to the right and the right wheels swerved off the pavement. Tommy over corrected, and the car swerved to the left and continued in an uncontrolled slide across the roadway.

The left front corner of the car barely missed John Clouse as it passed him, but it struck his seven year old daughter's left hand, partially amputating her ring finger and breaking her left wrist. The car slid past the bike on which Michele and the five year old daughter were riding, missing them by inches.

The car slammed into Paul Jaholkowsky, amputating his left leg and fracturing his right leg. Paul's pelvis was shattered by the front of the hood and his skull was fractured as he was thrown onto the hood. He was then thrown up, into the air, and down the road, where he landed in the grass beside the pavement.

The car left the roadway and slammed into an embankment. The friend's head struck the windshield and his knees struck the dashboard. Tommy's chest hit the steering wheel and his legs struck the dashboard.

The car spun counter clockwise and the rear of the car nailed into the embankment, throwing both young men back into their seats. Tommy's seat collapsed and he landed in the back seat.

The car spun again and his friend was ejected through the passenger's side window. As he passed through the window, his body collided with the door, bending it outward.

He bounced, slid and rolled across a long stretch of the pavement and into the brush. The car came to a rest at an angle in the middle of the road.

The friend suffered fractures to his nasal bones and wrist. He had extensive bruising, abrasions, and lacerations on his face and head that required hundreds of stitches. There were deep abrasions down to the bones on both legs and extensive abrasions on his hands, arms and chest.

He required daily assistance for months to perform basic personal needs to apply medication to his injuries. He had recurring nightmares about the incident.

Surgeons were unsuccessful in their attempt to save the seven year old girl's finger and had to amputate part of her ring finger. She had multiple surgeries and suffered from severe pain. It has been very difficult for her to deal with the incident and the loss of her finger.

Paul Jaholkowsky's family and friends feel the great loss of a young man who was highly respected by his community, his church, his fellow workers and the many young people who he has mentored over the years.

Thomas Kramer, of Lopez Island, was sentenced to 15 to 36 weeks in a Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration facility for one count of vehicular homicide for killing Paul Jaholkowsky. For the two counts of vehicular assault, and three counts of reckless endangerment, he will serve 45 days in the JRA. The length of the homicide sentence will be determined by the JRA.

Tommy Kramer is among America's Most Rotten because he knew it was illegal for him to drive. He drove recklessly, killing an innocent man, and seriously injuring a little girl. After Tommy killed Paul, he went on to play Football for his High School team as if nothing happened. We believe Thomas Kramer is a cold hearted rotten person who has no conscience.

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