Saturday, April 7, 2012

Olympic High School (Concord, CA) Student David Rosen - Child Killer

Story below. More details soon.

CONCORD -- A speeding teen driver lost control of his sport utility vehicle, jumped a sidewalk and struck a Concord family out for a morning bike ride Saturday, killing a father and his 9-year-old daughter, and injuring his 12-year-old daughter, authorities said.

Solaiman Nuri, 41, and his younger daughter, Hadesa, were killed in the accident along Treat Boulevard near Oak Grove Road, said Concord police Lt. Bill Roche.

Nuri's older daughter suffered minor-to-moderate injuries not considered life-threatening and was treated at a hospital, said Fire Marshal Lewis Broschard. Authorities are not releasing her name at this time.

The driver in the accident -- identified by friends as David Rosen, 17, of Concord
-- suffered minor injuries and was transported to a different Contra Costa County hospital, authorities said. He was later arrested on suspicion of manslaughter at the Concord police station, Roche said.

"Witnesses said the vehicle was traveling at an excessive rate of speed," the fire marshal said.

Rosen will be held at Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall in Martinez this week while investigators consult with the District Attorney's Office about the case, police said.

The accident occurred about 9:30 a.m., when the father and his two daughters were on a regular family outing -- riding bicycles along a Treat Boulevard sidewalk, Broschard said.

At that same time, Rosen driving westbound on Treat Boulevard swerved to avoid a car in front him as he sped through an intersection and lost control of the white Cadillac Escalade, authorities and witnesses said.

The vehicle struck the bicyclists, sheared off a fire hydrant and careened into the brick facade of a single-story office building next to a fire station, authorities said.

Solaiman Nuri was pronounced dead at the scene.

As water gushed from the mangled hydrant, firefighters from a nearby station found Hadesa on the sidewalk, unconscious and not breathing. They performed CPR on her while she was transported by ambulance to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, where she was pronounced dead, Broschard said. Her mother works as a trauma nurse at the hospital, a family member said.

Massood Sarwari, Solaiman Nuri's cousin, arrived at the accident scene late Saturday afternoon. Sarwari said the family frequently went on bicycle rides together and the sisters were both soccer players, describing them as "very close, almost like twins."

"To see one pass away is just horrific," Sarwari said. "What it would cause the other daughter, and the scar it would leave on her life for the rest of her life would be just unbelievable."

He said that Nuri's family is devastated.

"I talked to his brother just now and he is distraught," he said. "The whole family is just distraught."

Susan Surls, a Concord woman who witnessed the accident, said she first checked on the victims on the sidewalk and then approached the SUV's driver.

Rosen stood next to the vehicle with a deployed airbag and told witnesses he was the driver.

"He just looked shocked to me," she said.

After the accident, Rosen called his friend, 18-year-old Adam Gartside, of Walnut Creek, who lives within walking distance of the crash.

"He said he'd lost control, and he may have killed some people," Gartside said. "He was frantic, in shock. It was really hard to believe."

Rosen attends Olympic High School, a Concord continuation school, since graduating from Pleasant Hill Middle School. He lives with his parents in Concord and is unemployed, spending his free time fixing up his SUV, which he owned for about six months, with custom wheels and an expensive sound system, Gartside said.

Zuhair Bhatti, a clerk at Cork 'N Bottle liquor store across the street from the crash, said the teen driver came in his store nearly every afternoon to buy soda.

"I was working and I heard the crash and people screaming," said Bhatti who ran across the street to help. "The kids were on the ground -- one screaming and one (who) wasn't awake."

A customer ran to the firehouse next door. Bhatti said rescue personnel were on scene "within 10 seconds."

Authorities said they still are investigating the accident, which occurred in a 45 mph speed zone, but one witness said he raced through the intersection and flipped numerous times.

"He was trying to make the light," said Ty Ross, an employee of Oil Changers at that intersection. "The guy was speeding down the street and hit the guy and his daughters."

A city engineer was at the scene Saturday to evaluate the structural integrity of the building where the vehicle crashed, Broschard said. Also, urban search-and-rescue crews were standing by in case they were needed to help shore up the building's structural stability.


  1. David Rosen had 2 prior speeding violations.

  2. When you drive illegally and recklessly and you kill someone it should be murder. David Rosen murdered a young child because David Rosen is an asshole. In a few years this asswipe will walk free while a family will continue to mourn the loss of their child. An innocent young child enjoying a bike ride was murdered by an asshole who knowingly drove illegally.